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I’m a firm believer in always doing better, if only a little.

My background is intriguing: born and raised in the Congo, I finished school and university in Belgium, with an university exchange in Medellin, Colombia, a career in banking, finance and investments in London, and my return to Belgium after 20 years in the UK to be close to those I love.

I have managed a chocolate factory and am a board member of a mill.

My daughter Thelma, 17, is my Instagram and Tik Tok coach.

These experiences and a somewhat nomadic life have helped to shape the person I am: a biker, a traveller, an ultra-sporty person, a fighting love of nature and its protection, a visceral sense of family, a passion for music (with no skills as an instrumentalist), I’m hyper-demanding and sometimes prone to tyranny – Mobutu is my nickname ;o).

I’m embarking on the Papaver project convinced that we need to do better. My aim is to show that we can: undertake, hire, manage, cook, eat, interact… better. And make peanut butter ;o).


My name is Yann. I’m 37, married and the father of 2 adorable little girls, Hélène and Anna, who are growing up in Hoeilaart and whom I take everywhere by bicycle. A lover of nature and a real gourmet, I became passionate about bread ten years ago when I met a friend who has remained faithful ever since. I love the textures and many flavours of bread, and above all I love being able to share it with those around me. I’ve always wanted to make our economy more resilient and respectful of nature. The idea of a place that strengthens our social ties around the pleasures of life with a real impact on the environment has been growing in my mind for a long time. What a joy to finally be able to make it happen with such a great team and where I live!


I’m 34, live in Brussels and have roots in Belgium, Brazil and Italy.

I love travelling, photography, squash, hiking, music, concerts, theatre, reading, art books and cooking.

I have vivid childhood memories of traditional cooking bringing people together: my grandmother’s cherry pie and the port she brought with her every Sunday, my mum’s pasteis de nata, chouchous and fritters, Sunday evening crêpes, chocolate fondant and spaghetti bolo with my cousins, the ice cream man who passed by in the street, tarts made with fruit from the orchard.

So many emotions that I dream of transmitting and perpetuating via Papaver.